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Kerala Film Chamber Of Commerce

The Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce, the Apex body of the Malayalam Film Industry was established in 1956. The Office is situated at the Ground floor of the Kerala Film Chamber Commerce Building at M.G.Road, Near Shenoys Junction, Cochin. The Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce was constituted and registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act and have more than 600 prominent personalities as its members. The Chamber building was inaugurated by Sri.Prem Nazir on 03.07.1977. Sri.K.V.Koshy, Sri.M.A.Jhonson and Sri.K.K.George were the founder President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Film Chamber respectively. The former President of the Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce Sri.T.E.Vasudevan was the recipient of the First J.C.Daniel Award, the highest award in Malayalam Cinema given to honour the recipients for their "outstanding contributions to Malayalam Cinema" Instituted in 1992. Sri.K.Raveendran Nair of General Pictures won the award in 2008 and Sri.M.C.Punnoose also the former President won the prestigious award in the year 2010.

• To promote, aid, help, encourage and develop the Production, Distribution, Exhibition and all other branches of the Indian Film or Motion Picture Industry in all possible ways in India.

• To provide a library for the members and a place of meeting and discussion of the common problems and generally for the diffusion of use full knowledge regarding the subject matter of the films and film industry.

• To watch over, support, extend and define the rights of the members of the Chamber and to procure for their benefit special advantages and concession of all kinds.

• To encourage the growth of friendly feelings amongst the members and amongst the persons engaged in the film industry and specially to encourage co-operation among the members and the persons engaged in this industry.

• To discuss, check and root out, all unfair, illegal and unscrupulous practices which might discredit the Film Industry.

• To look after the welfare of all such persons or class of persons irrespective of caste,religion,sex etc who are engaged in Production, Distribution, Exhibition and other branches of the industry in India, particularly by safe guarding their rights and titles, trademarks, trade name and copy rights. Download Byelaw Latest..

One President,Two Vice-Presidents,One General Secretary,Two Secretaries and One Treasurer and 40 Committee Members shall Constitute the Exececutive Committee of the Chamber and shall be elected every second annual general meeting which shall be held not later than 31-st August from the date of prior election.

Before the date of every Annual General Meeting ,The General Secratary as per decision of Committee shall give nominations for several offices.The Nominations in form prescribed by the chamber and every nomination shall proposed by one member and seconded by another.

The Executive Committee shall nominate a person as Returning Officer with duty of conducting election including the publication of electoral rolls,calling for objections ,scrutiny of Nominations,Conduct election and declaration of result of election and list of valid nominations for several officers shall be put on office Notice Board and Notice thereof shall be given Indivdually to members one clear week before the date of every second General Meeting.

The Excecutive Committee shall be entitled from time to time to prescribe the procedure and all details regarding the conduct of election of Office Bearers subject to these rules.

Any Casual vacancy occuring in the office of the General Secretary/President/Tresurer/Vice-President,Secrataries shall be filled by Excecutive Committee by choosing the member from Excecutive Committee representing the same wing only having regard to the election of the designation.

Office bearers elected as aforesaid to fill up the casual vacancies shall retire at the next Annual General Meeting.Download Byelaw Latest..